Saturday, November 14, 2009

Because I Said I Would

I don't feel like blogging today, but since I committed to NaBloWriMo I guess I have to. The reason I'm feeling out of it is because I had another ocular migraine (mine are of the one-eye varity) today during Sabbath School that morphed into a headache migraine during church. It is still lingering 8 hours (and one nap) later. I got my first ocular migraine just after my 30th birthday and then went a whole year before my next one. And now I've had two in the last 2 months. If you've never had an ocular migraine, know that they aren't painful, just annoying. It's the blind spots (kinda like when you stare up at the sun), and wavy lines that really get to me. My dad's mother said that she gets them every time she gets a migraine. Mine aren't that predictable. Sometimes they bring migraines, sometimes it stops with the vision disruptions. Today it brought a headache. And now I'm going to bed with a nice damp washcloth for my forehead in the hopes that I will wake up migraine free. (Note: I did see a retina specialist during my first ocular migraine and go back on an annual basis. At this point in time medication is not recommended. I also have a history of severe stress headaches going back 15+ years that has not been able to be treated with medication--I have a high tolerance to most pain medication (also genetic). I'm stuck with "grin and bear it" for now. If it gets worse or the frequency continues to increase dramatically, I'll get it checked out again.)

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