Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cirque Dreamin'

Tonight I went out on the town for dinner and a show. If you are ever planning to see a show in Downtown Memphis, try eating at The Majestic Grille. They have a great selection and are reasonably priced. They even have a special pre-Theatre dinner menu that of course I could not order from. I got a wonderful flatbread pizza and their key lime pie shooter for dessert (it's pie served in a shot glass and it was nice and tart). My only complaint was that my flatbred was the one with "Artichokes, leaf spinach, garlic olive oil, feta, mozzarella". Apparently, it also came with surprise chunks of chicken. Thankfully they were large enough to pick out. Next time I'll be sure to ask for my vegetarian dishes to be meat free. After dinner we made our way to the beautiful Memphis Orpheum. I've seen several live events there (theatre productions, ballet, concerts) and am always awed by it's beauty.

Thanks to the chill in the air I was able to suspend my disbelief and enjoy "Cirque Dreams Holidaze" which is their Christmas show. It's premise is familiar--ornaments come to life and dance, do acrobatics, swing from ropes and ribbons, juggle. But don't dismiss it just because you've seen that other "things come to life when someone dreams" live performance. There is really no comparison. Except that they both feature some good looking men in tights (tight tights!). I recommend seeing them both as often as you can. You can never go wrong with a Cirque show. If one is in your town, please consider changing whatever plans interfere and have a babysitter on standby. If there is not one in your town start looking for flights. There is always one in Vegas.

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