Monday, November 16, 2009


I didn't realize just how boring (uneventful) my life was until I committed to NaBloWriMo. Finding something to write about every day for 30 days is becoming quite difficult. Since I'm a single girl living alone with two cats (not enough to be a crazy cat lady--I checked) I don't have any roommate, boyfriend, or children drama. I live too far away from my family to get caught up in their drama. My work as an accountant is rather boring to most people (and sometimes to me). Maybe I need to pick up some more social activities. There is no way I'd do anything like speed dating although I'm sure a wealth of blog writing opportunities would open up if I did. Any thoughts on things I could do to spice up my blog? I still have 16 posts to go. I'm going to see Cirque Dreams tomorrow night. That's a start.

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LadyBoyd said...

You could always do a meme, or write about your thoughts on some random topic (like... sploshing, for example), or just cheat like I do when I post on my blog (which is rare these days) and put up lots of pictures.